Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple: to provide an environment that ensures the best conditions for growth and social, emotional, physical and intellectual development of the child.

We believe that every child deserves the opportunity to benefit from a high-quality early education while giving them all the necessary support along the way.

We believe that a safe and secure childhood is important and provides the basis for children to enforce their talents and abilities as they grow.. Children have the opportunity to experiment and to develop in all areas, through a balanced system of activities initiated by the child and guided by the adult.

We believe it is important not to rush the childhood, because it represents an important stage in the life of the little one. Our motto is “learning by playing”. We encourage the unique abilities and talents of each child, we support them through every development stage and together with their parents, we set the path that leads to formalized learning. We understand that through play, observation, interaction, experiment and challenge, children will be motivated and eager to know and learn as many things as possible.

We believe that your child is completely unique. We want to get to know you and your child very well, so that your child will feel safe and happy, and that you feel confident and relaxed leaving him in our care.

We believe that “teachers who love teaching teach children to love learning”. Our team consists of teachers with experience in working with children, using the British model.

Our Objectives

We wish for the little ones to be sociable, confident and brave, to enjoy books and tales, to like numbers, to learn to solve problems, to discover the world and the environment surrounding them.

To teach children to learn through play. This method encourages children to develop their skills and to learn while playing, thus making the learning process fun and enjoyable. We offer your child the best opportunity to progress and develop their skills.

One of our major objectives is to develop a strong relationship between parents and children. Parents can rest assured that their child is perceived as an individual: each child has a special relationship with a “key person” to help him fully understand his needs.

We create indoor and outdoor environments that are age-appropriate, well maintained and accessible to all children. They provide opportunities for a wide range of planned and free game activities. Children can explore a safe and challenging environment.