Every child is UNIQUE!




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Every child is UNIQUE!


I am going to tell you a short story but before I start I need to ask you something: Have you heard the big news? It is said that every child is unique! Is this a cliche or is it really true? Let’s just say that as big this world is, as different the children can be. And in this huge world, they have one common friend. Their best friend. Time. In time, they grow, they develop and discover, they learn and explore. BUT, an important part is missing. Can you guess what it is? Exactly! Just as small, tiny seed planted in the ground, growing in time and finding the stability and maturity through its roots, the children need to find balance in the people around them. As the rain feeds the ground, the love and the devotedness must feed the child. Their curiosity, their mistakes and imperfections must be understood. You, as a human being already passed through this period, you should be the only one able to look through their eyes and to understand their decisions and the directions they choose. You should be the example they are looking for in movies, in cartoons, in stories. You – the one that already fed them safety in order to feel the sunshine’s even looking through the winter’s streaming window, you should offer them happiness and emotions enough to know and to explore all the feelings. Give them the stability, give them a correct way of life and make them believe that they can have whatever they wish for through your little tricks, in which only the children can find fun. Give them a great start and be sure that at the finish line they will be there waiting for you no matter what happens on the way. Every child has a different glow, a shiny sparkle. Every child is unique!


R.A., teacher, Little Learners

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