Personal, Social and Emotional Development (PSED) of children is a part of the British curriculum and plays an especially important role because it makes sure children succeed at school and in life.

The British educational program Early Years Foundation Stage guides the activity of all teachers. This helps children learn specific behaviours:

Children develop strategies to handle new, challenging and stressful situations;

Children are encouraged to explore the world and to express their ideas and feelings (happiness, sadness, frustration, fear); 

Social emotional learning

The PSE behaviour refers to what children learn each day at the kindergarten about themselves and about their role in small and big communities they live in.

It is extremely important to analyze the aspects related to psycho – social-emotional harmonious development of children: friendship, a healthy life, safety, self-esteem and respect for others,  environment – all of these contribute to raising a happy child.

A happy and healthy child, with positive thinking, is the foundation stone of a well-educated young adult.