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Little Learners Nursery Extracurricular Activities

Parents can opt for activities that are appropriate for their children

The extracurricular activities we offer play an important role in children’s growth and development. These additional concerns allow children to move, interact, relax, the liberty to freely express themselves, to discover and to experiment.

The extracurricular activities carried out in kindergarten are of the most diverse and will be organized according to the theme of each month:

  • Trips and visits
  • School holidays (in the winter and at the end of the school year)
  • Shows and performances (collaborations with theatre groups that will periodically hold shows in the kindergarten or at their headquarters).
  • Celebrating events and special days (Book Week, Green Week, Mother’s Day, Bike Week etc)
  • Special guests (Depending on each month’s theme)
  • Organizing fairs (book fair, Christmas fair, Spring fair, etc.)
  • Kids camps

The purpose of these activities is to train children in various activities, to conceptualize the activities and information received by in kindergarten, to allow the child to experiment and to discover the world around him.