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Optional Activities
Extracurricular Activities

The Little Learners Educational Process

We do what we love most and children are having a blast

In our kindergarten, all the activities a carried out are created to ensure learning experiences at the highest standards, activities that will lead to achievements and constant accumulation of knowledge.

We believe a child learns best when he is happy, stimulated, motivated and confident. Benefiting of tasks that correspond to his abilities and age makes him feel safe.

The activities carried out, the approach of the educators, the programme, the organization of the rooms, all the activities and projects that the kindergarten carries out are created to develop an environment conducive to the development of the child, an environment in which each child’s individual needs can be fulfilled.

We offer children a day full of varied activities (activities from the British curriculum, optional activities and extracurricular activities). Our goal is to educate, encourage and to have fun. Of course, there is a structure and a plan in what we do, to make sure all children in our care have a balanced day, full of newness.