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Partnership with parents

Effective communication ensures the best start of the child’s education.

Communication with parents is very important at Little Learners. From the first moment you and your child become part of the Little Learners family, you will discover that we are warm, welcoming and eager to meet you. The partnership among parents, children and the team members is naturally built, while the child grows with us. We support any kind of involvement coming from your side.

Everything about me: you are your child’s first educator, thus it is important for us to be satisfied with all the things that we do. Through effective communication we will be able to work together, to ensure that all children will have the best start in education. So, since coming to the kindergarten, the parents will fill in a sheet where they will share with us favourite activities/toys, skills, interests of the children or any other information related to the child that you find important.

Parenting sessions / Stay and play: Our kindergarten organises play sessions twice a year so that you can fully participate in your children’s activities. These meetings allow parents to understand how we approach different activities and learning experiences.

Key person: We know that little ones will get used to a new environment once they feel safe, so at Little Learners, with the help of a key person this transition will be much easier. The educator will get to know you and the child because it is important to build a positive relationship with both. The educator will be directly responsible and will understand the individual needs of the child. At the end of each day, he will discuss with you about the activities the child has participated in and the progress he has made.

Activity Diary: Each child will have his / her learning diary (learning journey), where we will note his evolution, successes and any additional observations. The child’s diary will contain photos and personal works and you will be able to analyse it whenever you want.

The daily contact you will have with the educator, the meetings with the parents, the newsletter and the report of the child will keep you updated with his progress and with kindergarten’s latest news. Also, we will organize events for parents, family and friends (seminars and workshops).