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Little Learners Nursery Learning Areas

Each activity has a specific learning area.

We grant special importance to the learning process.

The learning process takes place in a suitable environment, which is the reason why we make sure it is organised in a manner that allows children: to play (individually, with an adult or with other children), to make decisions, to be creative, to share personal ideas, to develop social skills and independence, to use their creativity and initiative.

Each group is structured into interconnected learning areas, which help to develop the skills of each child. The learning process continues from inside-out, the yard being arranged and equipped with toys and materials that allow separation of the learning areas.

  • Small World
  • Imaginative Play
  • Book Area
  • Malleable Area
  • Construction Area
  • Creative Area
  • Games Area
  • Investigation Area
  • Writing Area
  • Computer Area
  • Physical Area