What are the expenses that can be financed through the Invest In You program?

  • Books, school supplies, courses, professional journals, course support/materials in a digital form or printed, regardless of the field of study;
  • Daycares, kindergartens, private school fees, expenses related to taxes and children’s participation to certified private or public daycares, kindergarten activities, including private schools and high schools;
  • Undergoing specialized training/qualification fees
  • Vocational training course fees


  • Master, doctorate, MBA fees, etc.


  • Rent and utility payment
  • Student dorm accommodation place payment
  • A part of building or buying a house
  • Modernizing or renovating a house
  • Costs of medications, medical tests, dental services and surgeries;
  •  Transport costs for travelling to scientific meetings and competitions;
  • Cultural subscriptions or tickets: cinema, theatre, opera, library, museums;
  • Costs associated with books publishings or vocational courses
  • Sports articles;
  • Participation fee for scientific meetings and competitions;
  • Purchasing computers, laptops, printers, dedicated software regardless of the field of study;


Source: https://www.wall-street.ro/