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Little Learners Nursery Healthy Diet

Healthy mind in a healthy body.

One of the most important aspects of a child’s development is being in good health. All the educational personnel gets involved in promoting and encouraging the healthy development of children.

Our approach acknowledges that that good nutrition is not only essential for healthy growth, development and long-term well-being, but it is vital in maintaining the energy and concentration level so that all our children get the best results from their experiences within the kindergarten.  

The daily menu is conceived to provide children with a varied and balanced diet.

All meals and snacks are freshly prepared to preserve the nutritional value of  groceries. The individual dietary needs concerning any medical and religious requirements are fully met. What is more, children with food intolerances and allergies benefit have a special diet.

Educators spend a lot of time with children during meal times, in order to encourage them to eat and to sustain the social interaction within the group. Good manners are encouraged and acknowledged as a social habit that also helps to increase self-esteem and prepares children for society living. Older children are encouraged to serve themselves, to develop their independence.

Encouraging a healthy lifestyle is achieved by promoting physical exercises, the reason why every morning children have a few minutes of physical activity in the “Morning Gym” activities.