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Children’s Accomodation

It can be a delicate and emotional moment for both the child and the parent … We understand.

You are the best connoisseur of your child and we will work with you to help accommodate your child in the new environment. You can help by giving us as much information as you can about the child (toys, songs, tales and favourite activities), and we will support you by giving you tips that will help you make the accommodation process as easy and enjoyable as possible.

Here’s some advice:

  • Children are programmed to take our reactions. If you are relaxed about their new environment and they see you smiling and happy, they will take this as a signal that everything is okay and it is good to stay here. It goes the other way around too: if you are nervous, your child will sense it and might become frightened and might not want to leave your side. It is normal to be a little anxious and think about how will your child adapt, but try to remain calm and positive, scattering all track of negativism. Encourage him, by telling he will have a lot of fun and that he will make a bunch of new friends.
  • Feel free to stay a few minutes with your child to help him feel safe, but remember to distance yourself once in the room. Give lots of smiles! Keep in mind that there is always the danger that if you join the fun too much, the child will think it is a great place for both of you to play!
  • If you feel it is best to leave, do it with confidence, with a big smile on your face.
  • The goal is to build a routine of saying  “goodbye”, so that so that the child knows that the parent is leaving, but is quiet knowing that he will return.
  • Always tell your child when you come back.
  • Try not to be late!
  • If possible, try to accommodate your child step by step: first for a few hours, then gradually extend the time he stays at kindergarten.
  • Make sure your child knows when someone else except you will pick him up.

There’s no reason to be worried – We will succeed together!